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** This week has been a slow week for me. I’m super sick, obviously I don’t feel like doing anything. I’ve been skipping a lot of classes. I’m such a bad person!! My boyfriend and I broke up. It hurts me a lot but I think it was for the best.. This week was slow and rough. Our relationship was like a broken plate. I was the plate. And he was the one trying to glue the pieces together. But as he was gluing the broken plate, there was so many missing pieces so the plate couldn’t be glued together no longer. I was thinking that if we were still together, he would be gluing the plate for nothing, and he would have more cuts on his fingers. I did not want to hurt him. So I ended it. Hopefully, we can still be friends. Maybe even good friends. I hope I’m not asking too much. Let’s see how it goes from here… I hope his heart will heal faster than mines.

** Sorry, it was a depressing way to start a post! I’m very happy that it’s spring! I want to take off my coat and go to the park with my little chihuahua! Yes, I have a chihuahua! Her name is Chica! She’s 9 years old. Very old indeed. She’s very tiny!! She looks like the chihuahua of Paris Hilton. I’ve been eating a lot lately. Surprisingly, I haven’t gained any weight. My friends keep telling me that I should stop eating junk food and eat more healthy stuff. But healthy things at my school aren’t filling!!!!! It’s okay, I know it’s for my own good. I’ll like eat healthy in front of them and when I’ll be home, I’ll devour bags of chips and steak. Ah! When I was in class, we kept on talking about Kraft Diner… So I decided before going home, I’ll buy Kraft Diner. Hehehehehehhehhee. I haven’t ate Kraft Diner before.. So I’m really excited!!

** We will end today’s post here. I wish you guys the best! Have good and happy day!

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~ Watching: People walking outside
~ Currently: At work, selling flowers.

** Whenever I have my period, sorry boys, deal with it, I crave for sweets. I was never a fan of cupcakes, because I didn’t like muffins. I always thought cupcakes were fancy versions of muffins with decorations and sprinkles. But when I stumbled to these places called Les Glaceurs and Cho’Cola, cupcakes blew my mind! They looked too pretty and cute to be edible! If you go to Les Glaceurs’ website and click on “Nos Créations”, it shows pictures of their cupcakes. I personally prefer the ones at Cho’Cola, because it’s so preeeeetttyyyyyy! And I find it pretty well organize because they give us a schedule for the cupcakes, like what are the cupcakes are available on what day!!

** Have you ever eaten hotpot before? I love hotpot the most when it’s winter. It’s super cold outside, and you simply boil your food in a super hot steaming broth. Mongolian hotpot is one of my favorites. It has lots and lots of spices! I mean, when you look at it, you get confused because you have no idea how many spices are floating in your broth. Here is a picture where it explains a bit better. The red side is obviously spicy, and the other one is not. When you eat here, you get three choices for your broth; spicy, not spicy or half half. Little Sheep is where I eat my Mongolian hotpots. The best thing is that.. ITS ALL YOU CAN EAT! YAAAAAAY!!!!! Ah- But I must warn you… The smell is very very very very very very very very very very very super duper wuper uber STRONG! It’s not stinky. It’s just very strong because it has a lot of spies. But it doesn’t have a curry smell though. ARGRAFSHAAA!!! Just try it, I think you’ll like it!!

** Who cannot like chocolate!!? Chocolate is the most awesome stuff that humanity has ever invented!! In Montréal, we have a place called Juliette & Chocolat. Everything there is chocolate. And super delicious! Just by reading the menu makes my mouth water. I mean, they even bring chocolate to the next level; alcoholic chocolate beverages! Well, I’ve never seen those so maybe that’s why I’m always super excited to go there. Other then that, Juliette & Chocolat is also like the perfect place to go when you get depressed. If you know what I mean. The kids enjoy it there as much as the adults. It’s a perfect place to spend some quality with family!!

** That’s all for today! I hope you liked my reviewing! See? I’m being faithful to my blog!!!

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~ Listening: Spontania ft. JUJU – 君のすべてに
~ Watching: The news on CNN
~ Currently: Drinking a cup of warm milk and eating cookies

** I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard of the Disaster in Japan. One disaster was enough, but along came the tsunami, that was just crazy. There was also aftershocks from the earthquakes that were up to 6.4 or something. It’s sad how one of the most awesome countries is located in the Ring of fire. I heard that big companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Sony and Panasonic, they’re going to stop their productions for a while. So obviously, the economy in Japan will go down. Hopefully, they will recover as soon as possible. Of course, there’s not only Japan who has disasters. If you click on the second link, and you scroll down, there’s not only Japan who had earthquakes. Let’s hope the best for the ones affected by the disasters. Though we can’t do anything, we can still pray and hope for the best for them. If you are 18 and over, you can donate. Please don’t think that Japan is super high-tech so they can help themselves. No. When someone is in need of a helping hand, we should help no matter who they are. Except if its like someone evil who kills people or homeless people who choose to be homeless because they’re lazy.

** Enough with the sad talk! I’m on spring break! Finally! Those midterms was just killing me. It’s also my fault because I procrastinate too much. But spring break is not so a break, I have lots of stuff to do! I need to read this lame book for my international economy class. And this other lame book for my English class. Then, when I’m done reading those two books, I need to get together with my team to prepare for an oral. And right after the break, I have an anthropology exam and a French exam. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ I just want to go out and hang out with my friends!! College sucks! Ah, please note that I live in Montreal. So college is not like university in the States. But my grades are very good! Except for International economy. Ah! Must study hard!! Fighting [first definition]!!!

** I am proud of myself! I’ve been posting regularly! Though it’s only two posts. But look, there’s not like 5 months or a year between each post! Now I think about it, I’m a very bad blogger!! It’s okaaaaaaaay, at least I’m doing good now! Oh~ I have decided to put on links on what I’m listening to now. So now you can listen to the same songs as me when you’re reading my lame blog! Honestly, I play Pokémon. Despite my age, I still play it. DON’T JUDGE ME!! The game is already out, but I don’t have my Nintendo DS anymore since I gave it to my cousin in Vietnam. But my dad is going to get me the new one that’s coming out on March 27th 2011! Its the Nintendo 3DS! Can’t waaaaaait! Well, that’s it for today. My next post will be on food! Please look forward to it!

p.s: “お大事に 日本国” means “Get well soon, Japan” in Japanese.

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~ Listening: Jennifer Lopez – On the floor ft. Pitbull
~ Watching: People around me studying
~ Currently: Sitting at the school library

** I don’t know if it’s strawberry season but there selling a lot of them these days! And they’re cheap too! If you live in Montreal, I would recommend to go to Supermarché PA. I just went there yesterday with my mom and it was like 4$ for 3 boxes! They’re big and juicy and fresh! How do you eat your strawberries? I would just cut them and sprinkle with some brown sugar! Simple and very yummy, and you get the little crunch from the sugar! My dad would cut them and mix it with yogurt. I don’t really like with yogurt because I don’t find it sweet enough. As for my mom, she would mix her strawberries with mango, no sugar added.


** Who eat Chinese BBQ pork, duck, chicken, etc? Despite the appearance that you see in the stores, like the meat is hanging there and the windows look dirty and oily, don’t judge a book by its cover. Since I live in Montreal, I’ll tell you the best, and I do mean THE BEST place! It is located in Chinatown. And I can tell you it’s the best because my family and I are a huge fan of Chinese BBQ and we’ve tried everywhere! Sure, if you go to Kim Phat or something similar, it might be cheaper. Just try here, you won’t regret it. So the place is called A Lam Kee Grocery. The name sounds really random, I know. I don’t even understand how the “grocery” part fits in there, because the only other thing that is not BBQ is just instant noodles. Anyways, try it and tell me what do you think!


** Who likes yogurt? This isn’t just any yogurt.. It’s frozen yogurt that you serve yourself! The prices varies, because it all depends on how much you take! Let me introduce you to Yeh! Cute name, huh? I don’t know if there’s only in Montreal though. There’s one near my place. They have lots of varieties of yogurt! And each day, there would be something new. Like I said, you serve yourself! You can even put some toppings, such as fruits and candies and nuts and all sorts of other stuff! Since they’re hiring, I’m thinking to apply there. Hehehehe…


** I’m sorry I’ve been on hiatus for such a long time. I know, I always have excuses. *bows bows* I am truly sorry! I just don’t know what to talk about. So I’ve been thinking since I eat a lot… Yes, I’m a pig.. I can share with you guys the places I like to go and enjoy. I also travel a lot too, so I might do reviews of other places as well! Please tell me what you think about my new idea? I hope it works out. I don’t know where you guys live, since I live in Montreal, for now, most of the reviewing will be here! Sorry!!

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~ Currently: Sitting at the reception at work.

** Its such an ugly day today! There was freezing rain this morning. And sadly, I had a Phys.Ed class at 8 in the morning so it was uber cold and friken icy since no one put the salt in the streets yet. When I opened the door of my apartment building, my first step was a fail. I slipped and grabbed the guy who was also going out. And yet I still fell to the ground. I’m not clumsy. It very very very very super slippery. And then, it took me forever to walk to the metro/subway station because every 5 steps I took, I fell. Like I said, I am not clumsy! It was super icy!! How’s the weather where you guys live?

** Yeah, the title says it all… The midterms killed me. I learned an important lesson during the midterms. Procrastination=death. So please, everyone, all my readers out there; do not procrastinate like me!! I ended up panicking and blaming the teachers and everyone around me. But on the bright side, my parents thought I was studying HARDCORE, pffffffft~ so they booked me a ticket to Cuba as a reward to my “hard work”. Though I didn’t like college life, there is one thing that I like about it; our winter breaks are awesome! We have like 5 weeks off! My last day of school is on December 9th and my first day of school will be on January 17th! I deserve it! Well, since school is almost over, it means the finals are coming. And fast too! Oh dear, oh dear. But after that, I’ll have some spare time to post more often. Well, see you guys after then! Take care and study hard!

** I learned an important lesson this week… That in the world we live in, there’s almost no one you can trust, even the ones who are in your family. Though we have the same blood, it doesn’t mean we all get along. We might think they like us, and that we can trust them but once you tell them what’s wrong, 15% wouldn’t care less, 80% are happy that it happened to you and 5% would care. Secrets are meant to be kept as a secret, don’t bother sharing them, because then it won’t be a secret anymore. There are only two people that you can share your secrets with; you and yourself.

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** Its such an ugly day today. The weather is like.. Cold and wet and rainy and cold!! This morning, it was so hard to wake up! I mean, I wake up in the morning, feeling like P.Diddy and it was was daaaaaaark!!! I felt like I woke up at 3AM, instead of 6:30! I like autumn. But not the coldness. The leaves are changing color. It’s so beautiful!! This weekend, I hope I have time to go in the mountains. Of course, they didn’t all change yet, they’re starting. In front of our school, there’s this tree, and the leaves are bright orange-red. It really stands out because all the trees around it, are still green! When I bring my camera, I’ll take a picture of it for you guys.

** Ah! Let me explain the title of today… I’m sure you’ve seen on Youtube some videos about people who went to the dentist. Some people got like this face paralysis. Which didn’t hurt them, according to the videos, it only felt funny. Like only half of their faces are paralized. And others get SUPER hiiigh!!!! I mean, that’s so coooool! I’ve seen this little kid getting high, the same one who said “Oww, Charlie bit me!”. And recently, there was this video of a brother and a sister. OMG the video was like 10 minutes long. And it was awesome. He was so high. He talked so muuuuuch, and the sister was just dead wasted. XD At some point, he asked his sister to marry him, then his mother. And he couldn’t move his thumb to play thumb war. So his sister beat him. And he cried. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE DENTISTS GIVE TO THEIR PATIENTS!!!

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~ Currently: Right outside of Darrell’s class, feels like a stalker.

** Hello, hello! It feels like forever since I ever wrote in here… Well, it really has been forever.. Hehehehe, my bad!!! The reason is that, I was really busy. With college and all. And before that, I was in Japan! And before, before that, I was intensively studying to get in the college I wanted. And no, it’s not university. I live in Montreal. I need to get in a college/cegep before getting in university. My dad says that college is a waste of time! But whateverrrrrrrr. I’m in the International studies Major. How about you guys? Still in high school? Don’t go to school? It feels so weird.. IM A FRESHMEN!! I feel like such a n00b

** Sadly, college life is not that exciting. I have these huge breaks in the middle of my schedule… And I have nothing to do.. Like now, I’m outside of my boyfriend’s class. Giving him body language signals, hoping he will understand. He sits right in front of the door, so it’s easy for me to communicate with him. I don’t think for him though.. People in his class will think he’s interacting with an imaginary friend!!

** The weather in Montreal is getting cold day by day. I’m not ready for the cold weather yet. I don’t think anyone is. But I’m surely ready for Christmas. I love Christmas. How about you?? I always smell Christmas in December, do you? My friends say that it’s just me. But I’m superrrrrrr sure that Christmas has a smell!!!!!!!! I’m not crazyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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